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  • Maximum Performance in a Minimum of Space
    MemoRail with Modbus Interface
    Multiparameter measuring device in a 17.5 mm modular housing
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    From the sensor to the process analyzer
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    Portables with Memosens technology


Holders and fittings from Knick provide safety and convenience when it comes to measuring pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. The product range extends from immersion, inline and flow-through fittings over retractable fittings up to fully automatic calibration and cleaning systems.

Our process fittings are suited for use in tough environments, e.g. at high pressures, high temperatures and in highly corrosive or aggressive media.

Our retractable fittings are the first choice for applications in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, oil and sugar. Also included in our portfolio: Knick retractable fitting for fiber optic sensors. Whether PVDF, PEEK or stainless steel – thanks to flexible in-house manufacturing our fittings are available in a variety of materials suitable for every process adaptation.

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