WA 132 / WA 133 (M)

SensoGate Retractable Fitting

Ultra-Resistant Retractable Fittings

Facts and Features

  • Extremely high chemical resistance
  • All process-wetted parts made of PTFE:
    • anti-adhesive
    • good resistance to hot water
    • FDA compliant
  • Fully modular concept
  • Immersion tube and calibration chamber easily replaceable
  • PTFE calibration chamber in stainless steel frame, preventing cold flow and wear
  • Cyclone rinsing – effective sensor cleaning
  • Operation with PG 13.5 sensors or liquid-filled sensors
  • Operation with Unical 9000/Uniclean 900
  • Pneumatic or manual operation
  • Optimal operation with lined fittings

The Versions
Pneumatic versions for connection to the fully automatic Unical 9000 system or to controllers of other manufacturers are available. In addition, a manual version is offered. Two different immersion depths allow universal use. Different process adaptations are available, including customized versions suitable for PFA-lined sight glass fittings.

Universal and Modular
Sensors with PG 13.5 connector thread with a length of 225 mm or liquidfilled sensors with a length of 250 mm can be used. The modular design enables quick replacement of the PTFE immersion tube with a few simple steps. Thanks to the split calibration chamber, the gaskets can be easily replaced during maintenance, for example.





Brochure (en)

13628 |  SensoGate - The SenSation
Manual and automatic retractable fittings with revolutionary design innovations. Also for applications in hygienic areas.
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Manual (en)

12298 |  SensoGate WA 132
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Manual (en)

12300 |  SensoGate WA 133M
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Manual (en)

13259 |  SensoGate WA 133
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Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

12346 |  SensoGate Types WA-N..., WA 130 H-N..., WA 131-N..., WA 131 H-N..., WA 132-N..., WA 133-N...
Document No. EU161011D | 2016-10-11
PDF (file size: 1.48 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

12351 |  SensoGate Types WA 131 M-X..., WA 131 MH-X..., WA 133 M-X...
Document No. EU161011A | 2016-10-11
PDF (file size: 1.67 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

13180 |  SensoGate Types WA 130-X..., WA 130 H-X..., WA 131-X..., WA 131 H-X..., WA 132-X..., WA 133-X...
Document No. EU161011B | 2016-10-11
PDF (file size: 1.68 MB)