Transmitters in production systems for Covid vaccines

In pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, contract manufacturers take over the production of pharmaceuticals, thereby significantly increasing production capacity. One of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical contract manufacturers has recently expanded production facilities in Switzerland to produce coronavirus vaccines, relying on Knick products.

Stratos Multi with EtherNet/IP

Stratos Multi E471 with EtherNet/IP for Process Optimization

Stratos Multi E471 with EtherNet/IP for Process Optimization The Stratos Multi E471, part of the proven 4-wire Stratos transmitter product line, has now been equipped with an EtherNet/IP communication protocol. This allows it to be easily integrated into Industrial Ethernet networks and just as easily configured in the process control…

VariTrans A20340 Standard-Signal Quadrupler

New VariTrans A20340 Quadruple Standard Signals

VariTrans A20340 – Quadruple Standard Signals in Just One Signal Conditioner The VariTrans A20340 from Knick is a new type of standard-signal multiplier that can output a standard input signal to four calibrated and galvanically isolated outputs in parallel. It thus allows up to four standard signal receivers to be…

New SE656N Digital Conductivity Sensor

New SE656N Digital Conductivity Sensor The new SE656N-digital toroidal sensor from Knick adds a powerful, high-resistance conductivity sensor to the company’s wide range of process sensors. The SE656N is ideal for use with aggressive media and features a large measuring range. Digital Sensor Technology for Liquid Analysis The digital data…

H2-Forum 2021 Green Hydrogen Virtual Conference

Knick at the H2 Forum – measurement technology for hydrogen production

Electrical measurement and process analytics for hydrogen production Hydrogen is currently in the spotlight as an energy and storage medium. Knick products optimize hydrogen production in the process and in electrolyser operation. How this works was presented by two of our experts at the virtual H2 Forum 2021 at the…