3D Swiss flag with Knick high-voltage transducer

Knick Schweiz AG takes over Interface sales

On November 1, 2020, Knick subsidiary Knick Schweiz AG takes over the product group Interface Technology in addition to product group Process Analytics. The Interface product group includes transmitters and transducers for demanding industrial applications.

P42000D2 high-voltage transducer from Knick

Worldwide smallest transducer up to ±2200 V

The VariTrans P 40000 series from Knick enables reliable voltage measurements from ±50 mV to ±3600 V and current measurements from ±100 mA to ±20 kA. The proven series from the ProLine has now been expanded to include the transducer P42000D2, which measures voltages up to 2200 V DC in…

Map showing Canada and its territories

Knick Interface – New Strategic Partnerships in Canada

Knick Interface is excited to announce that we have recently expanded our footprint in North America, in an effort to better assist with our customers’ electrical measurement applications. This has been achieved through four partnerships established with high-quality manufacturer representatives in Canada.

Knick transmitter superimposed on a photovoltaic panel on a brown field with blue sunny sky in the background

Measuring Photovoltaic Degradation

Photovoltaic (PV) array degradation is an important aspect to consider for system design and installation. Over time, factors such as weather and UV exposure contribute to solar cell performance decline. By better understanding degradation effects and contributors, safeguards and technology enhancements can potentially be considered for performance improvements.