WA 131 H

SensoGate Retractable Fitting

Pneumatically operated retractable fitting for simple, commercially available controllers in hygiene applications

Facts and Features

  • steam-sterilizability validated for all process- wetted parts incl. rinsing/calibration chamber
  • directed flow rinses the process seal from the process side as well as from the inside of the fitting
  • perfect sensor cleaning effect by cyclone rinsing
  • safe separation to the process during probe movement and prevention of re-contamination
  • double gaskets with leakage bores prevent microbial contamination of the drive
  • broad applications in hygienic conditions
  • cost reduction by simple installation, operation, and maintenance
  • very high availability
  • protective rinsing of the seals for a long service life
  • SensoLock for high safety of operation
  • integrated check valves and limit switches
  • fast and uncomplicated replacement of calibration chamber and immersion tube
  • all maintenance can be performed on site
  • superior sensor immersion depth
  • standard sensor length (225 mm) even for large immersion depths
  • versatile process connections available
  • process-wetted parts: stainless steel 1.4404, electropolished
  • modular design
  • special version for sensors with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
  • SIP and CIP capable in the process
  • SIP and CIP of calibration chamber and media routing

Variable and reasonably priced

Based on the proven SensoGate modular design principle, the WA 131 H retractable fitting is ideal for hygienic applications with automatic or semi-automatic connections to simple commercially available or customer-developed control units.




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Catalog Excerpt - WA 131 H

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4060 |  SensoGate Sensor Lock-Gates
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
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Catalog Excerpt - WA 131 H

Catalog Excerpt (en)

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Catalog Excerpt - WA 131 H

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Brochure - WA 131 H

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13628 |  SensoGate - The SenSation
Manual and automatic retractable fittings with revolutionary design innovations. Also for applications in hygienic areas.
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Manual - WA 131 H

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Manual - WA 131 H

Manual (en)

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Manual - WA 131 H

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Certificates / Approvals

Confirmation - WA 131 H

Confirmation (en)

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TNO Report No V9341; 2011/09
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GOST Approval - WA 131 H

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Document No. PPC 00_041194; 2010/11/22
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EU Declaration of Conformity - WA 131 H

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