Family-owned company with high quality standards

We have been developing, producing and selling high-quality products and services, with a focus on interface technology and process analytic for 75 years. As a family-owned and run company with nearly 200 employees, the city of Berlin has been the center of our economic activities since our inception in 1945.

Our innovations are based on an intensive exchange of knowledge and expertise between us and our suppliers, customers and sales partners. Our “Knick transducer”, for example, has been a synonym for high-precision transmitters for decades, and in modern liquid analysis, Memosens technology has been established as process standard.

Unsere Mission

Wir sind der erste Partner für die Bereiche Prozessindustrie, Mobilität und Energie, wenn es um anspruchsvolle Messaufgaben geht.
Mit diesem Fokus bieten wir außergewöhnliche Lösungen, die anfangen wo andere aufhören. Dort beginnt für uns „The Art of Measuring“.

Knick Group