Process Analytics for the Water Industry

Knick advises companies on the treatment and disposal of water and supports them with process-safe liquid analysis. pH, oxygen and conductivity are important parameters for the optimization of these processes.

A broad portfolio of sensors, process analyzers, holders and fittings, cleaning and calibration systems allows Knick to offer tailor-made solutions and services.

Pharma & Biotech
Food & Beverage
Water & Wastewater

Applications for the Water Industry

Monitoring Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications for water treatment. The main application is industrial seawater desalination. Reverse osmosis…

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Depending on the sector, industrial wastewater is polluted by heavy metals, grease, oil, alkaline substances or, as in the paper and soap sectors, organic substances that can only be neutralized or separated with great effort.

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