Sensor Management Tool

Sensor Management Tool for quick and easy calibration of Memosens sensors in the lab.

Simple pre-calibration of the sensors
The MemoSuite software allows quick and easy calibration of Memosens sensors in the laboratory – also of sensors for hazardous-area applications. Calibration under adverse ambient conditions on site is no longer necessary. The only thing required there is the quick and uncomplicated replacement of the used sensors with pre-calibrated sensors.

The two versions
MemoSuite Basic and MemoSuite Advanced meet different application-specific requirements:

MemoSuite Basic
calibrates Memosens sensors.

MemoSuite Advanced
calibrates and in addition performs a diagnosis and a database documentation of the sensors.
Up to 10 Memosens sensors can be calibrated simultaneously. The database meets the requirements of GMP and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.




Manual - MemoSuite

Manual (en)

12787 |  MemoSuite Basic | Software for Memosens Sensors
PDF (file size: 1.23 MB)
Manual - MemoSuite

Manual (en)

12792 |  MemoSuite Advanced | Software for Memosens Sensors
PDF (file size: 3.93 MB)
Manual - MemoSuite

Manual (en)

12797 |  MemoLink ML1400 | Manual & Certificates
PDF (file size: 8.73 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity - MemoSuite

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14196 |  MemoLink ML1400
Document No. EU180627A | 2018-06-27
PDF (file size: 1.18 MB)
EU-Type-Examination Certificate - MemoSuite

EU-Type-Examination Certificate (en)

14201 |  Memosens Interface Type MemoLink ML1400
DEKRA Dokument-Nr. BVS 11 ATEX E 129 X | 2021-03-18
PDF (file size: 5.02 MB)