Contactless sensor coupling for reliable liquid analysis in all environments

Moisture, potential interference and other harsh environmental conditions often pose problems for metallic sensor contacts. They can lead to reductions in sensor service life and may influence the measurement results. In order to eliminate problems like these, Memosens sensors are equipped with an inductive connection that is resistant to interfering influences. Even cable lengths of 100 m function perfectly for applications with Memosens technology.

Measured values are digitized in the sensor and transferred to the transmitter without contacts. Alongside bi-directional signal transmission, the inductive coupling also provides the power supply to the sensor. Perfect galvanic isolation ensures interference-free measurements, even under extreme potential conditions. Saving the calibration, sensor and process data in the Memosens sensor enables precise process control.

The Memosens principle solves typical problems occuring during liquid analysis: Due to the inductive coupling and the digital memory function measuring problems caused by moisture, corrosion and interference potentials etc. are no longer relevant.


Memosens - The 4 Advantages


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Memosens Advantage Interference-free Coupling

Interference-free Coupling - Reliable functioning in all environments

As a result of contactless inductive transmission, the Memosens plug & play system is 100% waterproof and resistant to dirt, corrosion, salt bridges, overpressure and interference potentials. The robust Memosens connection also means high resistance to mechanical influences – another benefit of the Memosens system.

Its inductive signal transmission results in perfect galvanic isolation. Precise measurements are possible even with difficult potentials. Further measures for equipotential bonding such as solution ground are unnecessary.
The Memosens bayonet coupling can be opened and closed with 1 click, eliminating cable twisting. The patented inductive connection guarantees reliable measured data transmission.

Memosens Advantage pre-calibrated sensors

Operating cost reduction with pre-calibrated sensors

Qualified personnel can pre-calibrate Memosens sensors with integrated intel­ligence in the ideal conditions of the laboratory – under optimal, user-friend­ly conditions. This procedure not only benefits users – it also increases the quality of the calibration and in turn, measurement precision. On site sensor replacement is now quick and easy.

As soon as they are connected to the transmitter, Memosens sensors are automatically detected and begin measuring immediately.

Pre-calibrated Memosens sensors have a service life that is up to 40% longer than conventional products. Due to very short maintenance times, Memosens prevents expensive process downtime during sensor replacement. Thanks to improved knowledge of the sensor’s load state, maintenance cycles can be planned more flexibly, based on needs.

Memosens Advantage for intelligent diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance - Reliable process management thanks to special intelligent diagnostics

The transmitter automatically detects the sensor ID with the special process variable and properties of the Memosens sensor as soon as it is connected and uniquely assigned to the measuring loop. The measurement process can begin immediately: unique sensor recognition ensures increased process reliability.

Intelligent Memosens electronics save the entire sensor life cycle alongside the process data. This facilitates intelligent diagnostics that can be used by the Protos, Stratos and Portavo transmitters from Knick and with the MemoSuite software tool developed by Knick.

Diagnostics functions such as conditions of use, sensor wear, operating time and a CIP/SIP or autoclaving counter ensure greater safety, effectiveness and reliability. A load matrix evaluates the individual wear data of the sensors and the adaptive calibration timer calculates the optimal process-dependent maintenance cycle.

Memosens Advantage for mobile diagnostics

Memosens Mobile - Faster, more accurate diagnostics under real conditions with a portable transmitter

Measurements during the process are usually made with stationary measuring points. Until now, error messages resulted in errors being localized in a costly procedure. However, portable Portavo devices with digital Memosens technology provide the option of a mobile sensor check during the process.

Simply connecting the sensor directly to the portable device makes it possible to check whether the sensor or transmitter caused the error. And with the compact transmitter, sensors can easily be calibrated on site.