ARF 203

Flow-Through Fitting

Flow-through fitting with G 1 1/4“ threaded coupling (25 mm / Ingold socket)

Facts and Features

  • Stainless steel 1.4571 or Hastelloy C22
  • For sensors with a G 1 1/4“/ 25 mm connection (Ingold socket)
  • For SensoGate WA 130 and WA 131 (M) retractable fittings
  • For use with the ARI 106 (H) inline fitting
  • Flow direction 90° or 180° (adjustable with screw plug)
  • Process connection via G 1/4“ female thread


Material stainless steel 1.4571:
pH, conductivity and oxygen measurement in ultrapure water, slightly polluted water, cooling water, drinking water; trace-oxygen measurement in boiler feed water

Material Hastelloy C22:
Increased chemical resistance for corrosive or aggressive process media.

ARF 203 flow-through fitting with G 1 1/4“, Ingold (25 mm) sensor location for use with SensoGate WA 130 and WA 131(M) retractable fittings, for combination with the ARI 106 (H) inline fitting or for use with sensors such as the SE 605 (H) conductivity sensor.

High-quality 1.4571 stainless steel enables the fitting to be used at high pressures and temperatures. In the Hastelloy C22 variant, it is also suitable for highly complex chemical processes.





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