ARF 200 / ARF 202

Flow-Through Fitting

Stainless-steel flow-through fitting with one sensor location

Facts and Features

  • Stainless steel 1.4571
  • For sensors with G 1” or NPT 1” connection
  • With adapter for sensors with PG 13.5 connection
  • With adapter for fittings with G 11/4” Ingold socket
  • Flow direction 90 °
  • Process connection via
    • cutting ring coupling (ARF 200) or
    • female G 1/4” thread(ARF 202)
    • NPT 1” female thread (ARF 202/NPT)

Compact flow-through fitting for measurement preferably in bypass. An adapter allows connecting sensors using different mounting techniques. The fitting is made of stainless steel and can therefore be used for high pressures and temperatures.

Process connections via cutting ring coupling (ARF 200) or female thread G 1/4” (ARF 202) or NPT 1” female thread (ARF 202/NPT).

pH, conductivity and oxygen measurement in ultrapure water, slightly polluted water, cooling water, drinking water; trace-oxygen measurement in boiler feedwater




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465 |  ARF 200 / ARF 202 Flow-Through Fitting
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