Interface Technology for Energy Production and Storage

It is of vital importance in many industry segments tied to Energy that high DC currents and voltages are monitored at numerous stages to ensure critical processes operate both safely and at an optimum.

Knick transducers and signal conditioners, allow for increased application uptime, improved safety by way of electrical isolation, and precise measurement of both current and voltage.

Power generation

In all types of power generation, the control and regulation of central processes require robust transducers and signal conditioners that are designed for high currents and voltages.  Thanks to durable insulation seen within Knick products, overvoltage conditions can be endured without damage occurring. In addition, fast response times and high-precision signal conversion are essential characteristics for voltage regulation and power factor correction tasks.

Renewable energy

DC system voltages are increasing with the growing efficiency of photovoltaic, hydro, and wind power systems. Consequently, the requirements for galvanic isolation with the measured electrical quantities are also on the rise.  Applications within equipment such as inverters or excitation systems particularly stand to benefit from the isolation and measurement quality found within Knick products.

As the market-leading specialist for high-voltage DC transducers and signal conditioners, Knick offers high performing products for all measurement tasks characterized by maximum accuracy and long-term stability.

Nuclear energy

Measurement technology used in nuclear facilities is subject to the highest safety requirements, which must be taken into account during production by means of special quality management. Knick has the required expertise in this area and has been supplying certified measurement solutions for the nuclear industry for decades.

Additionally, it is also often important to duplicate critical control signals for redundancy purposes. Knick offers multiple solutions for ensuring that these signals are replicated with a high degree of quality, and certified for use within nuclear power plants.

Energy storage

In the field of energy storage, there is a growing demand for high-performance, highly insulating electrical transducers for monitoring direct currents and voltages in battery packs, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. Here too, our product range offers a coherent selection of optimum solutions for testing, monitoring and controlling at the cell, stack, or string level.  For many of these measurement tasks, even at low-voltage measurement requirements, a high level of electrical isolation is necessary for safety purposes. This makes applications within Energy Storage particularly challenging. Knick has both the technological capability and experience to effectively meet these challenges.

Technology for hydrogen applications

Green hydrogen plays a key role as an energy storage medium and CO2-free fuel for the energy transition. It enables the local storage of excess capacity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power plants, which previously often had to be curtailed on particularly windy or sunny days for reasons of grid stability. The continuous and highly accurate measurement of voltages up to 1500 V DC and currents in the three-digit ampere range are crucial for the reliable and economical operation of the electrolyzers that generate hydrogen and the fuel cells that generate electricity from it again.


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