Process Analytics for the Chemical Industry

Knick advises and supports companies in the chemical industry on process-safe liquids analysis. Critical parameters that occur most frequently in these processes are oxygen, pH and conductivity. Measuring points are often exposed to rough conditions and are located in critical areas, such as ex zones.

A broad portfolio of sensors, process analysis devices, fittings, cleaning and calibration systems allows Knick to offer tailor-made solutions and services.

Pharma & Biotech
Food & Beverage
Water & Wastewater


Heat exchanger in refinery plant

Heat Exchanger Breakthrough Detection

Cooled steam precipitates as condensate with a high level of purity and therefore low conductivity. Since increased conductivity is an indication of contamination, measuring the conductivity of condensate is a reliable method for…

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Monitoring Steam Generators

Since steam generator functions are critical to applications and their downtime or replacement is extremely cost intensive, it is important to avoid damage due to wear…

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Monitoring Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are used in a range of industrial sectors for diverting process heat from cooling circuits. Mineral deposits and corrosion reduce efficiency and lead to the premature wear of system components…

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