SE 680

Toroidal Conductivity Sensor


High-precision sensor made of FDA-approved PEEK with an extremely large measuring range. Steam-sterilizable.

Facts and Features

  • Compact design
  • Competitively priced
  • Large measuring range
  • Quick-reacting temperature detector
  • Digital data transfer
  • Completely closed surface
  • Virgin PEEK, FDA type
  • Varivent with EHEDG

The joint- and gap-free, sealless design and stain-resistant surface made of Virgin PEEK make the SE 680 a heavy-duty sensor. The inductive technology is not influenced by polarization and does not have any sensor surfaces subject to corrosion.

Fresh water technology, dairy products, breweries, soft drink manufacturing, electro-plating, air-conditioning, CIP monitoring in the beverage industry, pharmaceutical applications, cooling tower monitoring, on-site wastewater treatment plants, monitoring concentrations of salt solutions, alka-lis and acids, washers, and rinsing processes





Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt - SE 680

Catalog Excerpt (en)

2992 |  SE 680 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
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Brochure - SE 680

Brochure (en)

13396 |  Sensors - For measuring pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen. Digital or analog.
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Manual - SE 680

Manual (en)

12414 |  SE 680 (N/X)
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Manual - SE 680

Manual (en)

17410 |  SE680 (N/X)
Ex Approval Japan (JPEx DEK19.0048X)
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Control Drawings

Control Drawing - SE 680

Control Drawing (en)

14186 |  Inductive Sensor-Cable Connection System Memosens
Zeichnungsnummer 214.410-240
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Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity - SE 680

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

13133 |  Digital Toroidal Conductivity Sensor Series SE 680X-...U0..
Document No. EU210706C | 2021-07-06
PDF (file size: 1.91 MB)
EU Declaration of Conformity - SE 680

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14512 |  Digital Sensors, non Ex
Document No. EU220118A | 2022-01-18
PDF (file size: 1.74 MB)
EU-Type-Examination Certificate - SE 680

EU-Type-Examination Certificate (en)

13138 |  SE 680X-****U0** Conductivity Sensor
TÜV NORD Document No. TÜV 15 ATEX 154534 X | 2021-06-24
PDF (file size: 0.92 MB)