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MemoTrans Ultra-Compact Transmitter

MemoTrans is an ultra-compact transmitter for Memosens digital sensors, offering fast installation and easy operation. The 2-wire multi-parameter transmitter can be used to measure pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen. MemoTrans is the right transmitter for places where a display is not needed. It has a compact and rugged housing that makes it suitable for a variety of applications, even outdoors.

Key features include:

  • Operation via HART FDI package for configuration, calibration and diagnostics.
  • Compatibility with pH, redox, conductivity and oxygen sensors.
  • Green and red LED status indicators for quick identification of alarm and fault conditions. Allows personnel to quickly troubleshoot in the field and return measurement points to service with minimal downtime.
  • Rugged housing resists moisture, dirt, corrosion and interference.
  • Compact size for flexible use and easy integration into standard control systems.
  • High degree of protection (IP 67/68, NEMA 6) for reliable operation in outdoor environments.