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Knick’s fittings offer safety and convenience when measuring pH, ORP, oxygen, and conductivity using a wide range of sensors. The product range extends from immersion fittings to inline fittings, flow-through fittings, and retractable fittings up to fully automatic calibration and cleaning systems.

Knick process fittings are especially suitable for use in industrial conditions, such as at high pressures, high temperatures, and in highly corrosive or aggressive media. Knick retractable fittings are currently the first choice for applications in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, dyes, oil, and sugar.

Whether an immersion fitting, inline fitting, flow-through fitting, or retractable fitting, regardless of the sensor – Knick fittings are produced in-house from a variety of materials (PVDF, PEEK, or stainless steel), thereby allowing their flexible use in a broad range of processes.