SE 620

Conductivity Sensor

Pharma-compliant 2-electrode sensor in hygienic design


  • Low surface roughness
  • Steam-sterilizable
  • CIP-capable
  • Integrated temperature detector
  • Measuring range 0.001 to 50 μS/cm
  • Coaxially arranged electrodes
  • Independent of installation conditions
  • Insulator and sealing materials FDA-listed
  • VP screw cap
  • PortaSim simulator with VP plug
  • Incl. Inspection Certificate 3.1

Conductivity sensor in pharmaceutical design with coaxial electrodes and integrated temperature detector. Low surface roughness of <0.8 µm.

The materials are physiologically harmless and meet FDA requirements. Steam-sterilizable. Reliable and easy checking of the measurement using PortaSim simulators according to USP<645>.

Pure and ultrapure water, water for injection (WFI), food industry, ion exchangers, reverse osmosis plants, also chip manufacturing




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2832 |  SE 620
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10072 |  PortaSim Cond C
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
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13396 |  Sensors - For measuring pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen. Digital or analog.
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Manual (en)

2837 |  SE 620 Conductivity Sensor
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Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14517 |  Analog Sensors, non Ex
Document No. EU191120A | 2019-11-20
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