ARD 75


Modular Fitting with an Extraordinary Range of Functions for up to 3 Sensors

Facts and Features

  • High variability — adaptable to virtually every process
  • Safe functioning, easy maintenance thanks to a special and unique design
  • Removal of the sensor adapter through the top or from the bottom of the immersion pipe
  • Removal of the sensor adapter through the immersion pipe or towards the outside
  • No cable twisting during sensor installation
  • Sensor adapter: 3 x PG 13.5 / PG 13.5 with pressurization / SE 655, SE 656 (G 3/4“) / 3/4“ NPT / 1“ NPT, SE 680
  • Rinse function for cleaning the sensors without opening or dismantling the fitting (PG 13,5, internal supply of rinse medium incl. check valve)
  • Immersion depths: 25 – 250 cm
  • Materials: PP-H, PVDF
  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Wetting cup
  • Process connections:
    flange DN 80 – DN 100 or ANSI 3“ – 4“, optionally with sliding flange bushing, wall holder, catenary suspension (also as submersible version)
  • Cable glands: EPDM cap with cable support sleeves and strain relief, submersible cable glands
  • Stainless steel bracket for strain relief of the sensor cable

The fitting is used for measuring in tanks, basins and channels. For maximum flexibility, it offers numerous functions that can be freely combined. The special design facilitates sensor replacement. High-quality PP-H or PVDF makes it very sturdy. It can hold up to 3 sensors (PG 13.5) and accepts almost every standard sensor.


PP-H: Water, wastewater, industrial water
PVDF:  Chemical and petrochemical industry, power plants,  electroplating, ore processing






产品目录节选 - ARD 75

产品目录节选 (zh)

14020 |  ARD75 Immersion Fitting
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
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产品目录节选 - ARD 75

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16214 |  ARD 75 EL Immersion Fitting
产品描述 | 规格 | 产品范围
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Manual - ARD 75

Manual (zh)

13823 |  ARD 75 Immersion Fitting
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Manual - ARD 75

Manual (zh)

16284 |  ARD 75EL Immersion Fitting
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Manual - ARD 75

Manual (zh)

17340 |  ARD75 - Sensor adapter with lock-gate function
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