ARD 250


Fitting for safe and easy process integration of sensors with PG 13.5 thread

Facts and Features

  • Safe functioning, easiest maintenance thanks to a special and unique design
  • Easy removal/installation of the sensor adapter with just ½ turn of a coupling nut (manual)
  • Removal of the sensor adapter through the top or from the bottom of the immersion pipe
  • No cable twisting during sensor installation
  • Sensor adapter: PG 13.5
  • Immersion depths: 100 / 200 cm
  • Material: PP-H
  • Process connections:
    • DN 50 flange with sliding flange bushing
    • Wall holder
    • Catenary suspension
  • Cable glands: EPDM cap with cable support sleeves

The fitting is suitable for tanks, basins and channels. It enables the safe installation of sensors for measuring process variables such as pH value, conductivity or oxygen content. The special design facilitates sensor replacement.

Water, wastewater, industrial water






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14406 |  ARD 250 Immersion Fitting
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14761 |  ARD 250 Immersion Fitting
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