P41000 AG

High voltage signal conditioner

The First Signal Conditioner with “Knick Curve” for Precise Measurement of DC Currents in Normal Operation and Measurement of Very High Currents in Overload Conditions

Facts and Features

The P41000 AG fulfills two tasks in a single product:

  • The P41000 AG fulfills two tasks in a single product:
    • Continuous measurement of the regular supply current for timely detection of overcurrent events
    • Measurement, until disconnection, of the large overcurrents occurring in the event of a fault
  • This saves the need for an additional signal conditioner to measure overload currents and an additional measuring channel in a downstream protective device
  • With the P41000 AG, currents are always measured in combination with a (Maconic) shunt resistor. The P41000 AG measures shunt voltages of between 30 and 120 mV

P41000 AG (adaptive gain) is designed to measure currents in electrical supply systems and large power-consuming devices.

In addition to precise current measurements in normal operation, it also measures high overload currents occurring in the event of a fault, e.g., due to short circuits, defects, storm damage, etc.

The current curves over time measured with the P41000 AG are analyzed with protective devices so as to interrupt the power supply early on in the event of a fault.

In order to enable key conclusions about the condition of the system, it is important to know the level and duration of the overload currents up to the time the power supply was interrupted. The P41000 AG makes this possible




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