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SE103N pH Sensor | 170 mm| Glass Body | For rapid sample change and low sample temperatures


SE103N pH Sensor | 170 mm| Glass Body | For rapid sample change and low sample temperatures

pH Sensor with Long Immersion Depth

  • Liquid electrolyte, refillable
  • Ceramic junction
  • Special pH glass with medium impedance
  • Long version for greater immersion depth

The SE 103 N sensor with glass body is a reliable sensor for precise pH measurements in the laboratory. Thanks to its special pH glass, it is also suitable for measurements at low temperatures.

Chemistry, quality control, food and beverages, aggressive media

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Technical details

Body diameter: 12 mm / 0.47 inches
Measurement Parameter: pH
Connector: DIN Koax (S8)
Measuring Range: 0 … 14 pH
Temperature Detector: Not integrated
Body Material: Glass
Junction: Ceramic
Reference System: Ag/AgCl
Sensor Head: Laboratory Sensor head



[13013] User Manual
pH sensors series SE10*N
Version 02


[12759] Brochure (DE, EN)
CaliMat - Neue pH-Pufferlösungen | New pH Buffer Solutions

Data Sheets

[18012) Data Sheet
SE103N pH Sensor
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range


[14516] EU Declaration of Conformity (DE, EN, FR)
No. EU210621A | 2021-06-21
Analog Sensors, non Ex

Safety guides

[11045] Material Safety Data Sheet
CaliMat buffer solution pH 7,00
[11048] Material Safety Data Sheet
CaliMat buffer solution pH 4,00
[11049] Material Safety Data Sheet
CaliMat buffer solution pH 2,00
[11046] Material Safety Data Sheet
CaliMat buffer solution pH 9,00
[11044] Material Safety Data Sheet
CaliMat buffer solution pH 12,00

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Used in Process or Applications

Knick offers innovative process analyzers, high quality holders and fittings, and unique cleaning and calibration systems

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