SE 707

Oxygen Sensor


Reliable measurement of oxygen traces also under sterile and hygienic conditions; signal-stable and robust.

Facts and Features

  • high level of process safety
  • durable materials
  • robust design
  • easy to clean thanks to extremely smooth surface
  • cost-efficient service due to easy-to-replace membrane module and interior body
  • hygienic design
  • high resolution of 6 ppb
  • operation also in hazardous locations
  • VP screw cap

Memosens Sensors

  • perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
  • precalibration in the lab
  • no influence of humidity in the connector
  • digital data transfer
  • integrated sensor diagnostics

High resolution of low oxygen concentrations, simple and cost-efficient sensor calibration in ambient air. No calibration gases. High signal stability also in the presence of high CO2 partial pressures. FDA-conforming material with extremely smooth polished surface. Simple maintenance due to modular design. Sterilizable, autoclavable, and CIP-capable. Also suitable for hazardous areas.

Beverage filling (e.g. milk, beer). Measurement in boiler feed water (detection limit 1 ppb)



Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt (en)

3073 |  SE 707 Oxygen Sensor
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 0.23 MB)

Catalog Excerpt (en)

3095 |  SE 707 Memosens Oxygen Sensor
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 1.01 MB)

Catalog Excerpt (en)

10081 |  Zubehör für Sensoren Sauerstoffmessung
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 0 MB)


Brochure (en)

13210 |  Memosens - The complete solution for smart sensor applications.
PDF (file size: 4.3 MB)

Brochure (en)

13396 |  Sensors - For measuring pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen. Digital or analog.
PDF (file size: 2.22 MB)


Manual (en)

3100 |  SE 707 Memosens Oxygen Sensor
PDF (file size: 0.3 MB)

Control Drawings

Control Drawing (en)

14186 |  Inductive Sensor-Cable Connection System Memosens
Zeichnungsnummer 214.410-240
PDF (file size: 0.24 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14517 |  Analog Sensors, non Ex
Document No. EU191120A | 2019-11-20
PDF (file size: 0.2 MB)

EU-Type-Examination Certificate (en)

12827 |  Memosens Ex Sensors | Details see Document
DEKRA Document No. BVS 16 ATEX E 037 X | 2016-05-03
PDF (file size: 10.71 MB)

IECEx Certificate of Conformity (en)

12832 |  Memosens Ex Sensors | Details see Document
Document No. IECEx BVS 16.0030X, issue No. 0 | 2016-05-19
PDF (file size: 4.03 MB)

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