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Knick Austria - direct customer contact in Austria from 2024

pH and conductivity measurement in vaccine production

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InnoTrans 2022 - three products as world firsts for rolling stock and DC traction power supply applications

At InnoTrans 2022 Knick presented 3 products as world firsts for rolling stock and DC traction power supply applications.

Energy storage - the handshake between renewable energy and electric vehicles

Energy storage technology such as battery and hydrogen are critical for growth and continuous development of renewable energy and e-mobility.

P52000VPD voltage presence detector reliably detects voltages up to 4200 V DC

The new P52000VPD voltage presence detector reliably monitors areas with high voltages and sends a signal to the downstream plant control system when a specified threshold value is reached.

Knick Interface at Battery and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Knick will be showcasing high-voltage electrical measurement and signal conversion products.

Quadruple Standard Signals in Just One Signal Conditioner

The A20340 can output a standard input signal to four calibrated and galvanically isolated outputs in parallel.

Electrical measurement and process analytics for hydrogen production

Knick products optimize hydrogen production in the process and in electrolyser operation.

Condition Monitoring of High-Voltage Motors

Having an active predictive maintenance campaign in place for large rotating equipment can be a key strategy for maximizing process uptime.

Pulse frequency conditioner for speed sensors

The new P16000 from Knick is a pulse frequency conditioner that converts frequency signals from speed sensors into standard signals.

Worldwide smallest transducer up to ±2200 V

The P40000 series from Knick enables reliable voltage measurements from ±50 mV to ±3600 V and current measurements from ±100 mA to ±20 kA.

Importance of broad-range power supplies for DC electrical measurement

Many DC electrical measurement products manufactured by Knick contain universal, also known as broad-range, power supplies.

Measuring Photovoltaic Degradation

Photovoltaic (PV) array degradation is an important aspect to consider for system design and installation.

Electrical Measurement Solutions: Control from 480 to 4800 Volts

Voltage and current transducers from Knick bring true control to electrical measurement applications across a wide-range of industries.

Benefits of High Voltage Transducers versus Instrument Transformers

When a need arises to step voltage in a circuit either up or down for purposes of power transmission or distribution, there is no doubt that transformers are essential.

Shunt Resistor versus Hall Effect Technology

There are many systems where measurement of large DC currents are needed for performance and safety.

MTBF beyond 3000 years: A snap hook for your plant

Failure of equipment on the plant floor can lead to considerable and costly disruption.

Knick Products Comply With UL - What Does That Mean?

There are different assessments and approaches to reach an adequate level of safety. Manufacturers are typically on the “safe” side, if they comply with recognized standards.

High-voltage transducer offers more safety on railway vehicles

The requirements placed on railway vehicles have increased significantly in recent years. Products for rolling stock need to ensure a higher level of functional safety than ever before.

True RMS Measurement with P41000TRMS

Traditional millivolt AC transducers are very susceptible to errors due to their poor insulation and are only designed for pure sinewave measurement.

Functional safety and maximum availability can go together

The requirements on operational and safety-related circuits are continuously growing.