SE 656

Sensor de Condutividade Toroidal

Sensor especial preciso com alta resistência química numa faixa extensa de medição, para fluidos altamente poluídos e fortemente oxidantes.


  • Process-wetted material: PFA
  • Design robusto
  • Resistant to contamination and fouling
  • Range of six decades
  • Inductive measuring principle, full galvanic isolation of sensor coils from process medium
  • SE 656N: Digital with Memosens protocol
  • SE 656X: Also for hazardous areas

The SE 656 toroidal conductivity sensor is a sturdy and corrosion-resistant sensor that, thanks to its high chemical resistance and durability when exposed to aggressive media, is particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry.

A combination of a large sensor opening and dirt-repellent material prevents blockages and deposits in media with a high pollution degree. The inductive measuring principle enables full galvanic isolation of the measurement from the medium.

The sensor is an all-rounder, suitable for a multitude of applications with a range covering six decades. Equipped with Memosens protocol as a digital version (SE 656N), it offers considerable process and data security, and ensures reliable data recording. Also for hazardous areas (SE 656X).

Concentration measurement, in particular of highly oxidizing acids and bases, online quality monitoring of chemical products in tanks and pipes, phase separation of product mixtures, paper manufacturing (high fiber concentration), heavily soiled media and wastewater, fouling media.



Extratos do Catálogo

Extrato do Catálogo - SE 656

Extrato do Catálogo (pt-br)

16578 |  Sensor de Condutividade Toroidal SE656(N/X)
Descrição do Produto | Especificações | Linha de Produtos
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Brochura - SE 656

Brochura (pt-br)

13398 |  Sensors - For measuring pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen. Digital or analog.
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Manual - SE 656

Manual (pt-br)

2689 |  SE 655(X) / SE 656(X) Toroidal Conductivity Sensors 
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Manual - SE 656

Manual (pt-br)

13992 |  SE655(N/X-*) / SE656(N/X-*)
Digital Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
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Certificados / Aprovações

EU Declaration of Conformity - SE 656

EU Declaration of Conformity (pt-br)

14354 |  Induktiver Leitfähigkeits-Sensor Typ SE 655X, SE 656X
Document No. EU181108B | 2018-11-08
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EU Declaration of Conformity - SE 656

EU Declaration of Conformity (pt-br)

14519 |  Analog Sensors, non Ex
Document No. EU210621A | 2021-06-21
PDF (file size: 1.63 MB)
EU Declaration of Conformity - SE 656

EU Declaration of Conformity (pt-br)

17439 |  SE655X-GE**TO*M / SE656X-GE**WO*M
Document No. EU210607A | 2021-06-07
PDF (file size: 0.12 MB)