Stratos Multi

The Multiparameter Transmitter.

The latest generation of our proven Stratos process analyzers for Memosens, digital, and analog sensors. Multiparameter functionality provides flexibility.

High-resolution display for an intuitive, self-explanatory user interface. Advanced Process Control with Ethernet interfaces.

Facts and Features

  • 1- and 2-channel version with 4 current outputs and 3 freely configurable relay contacts
  • Multiparameter for pH/ORP/conductivity/oxygen
  • Self-explanatory, multi-lingual user interface
  • TFT display with full-text menu
  • 4-wire transmitter with broad-range power supply 24 … 230 V AC/DC
  • Predictive maintenance for optimal process management:
    • CIP/SIP and autoclaving counter
    • Sensor diagram
    • Remaining sensor service life
  • Measurement with Memosens, digital, and analog sensors
  • HART Communication
  • Memory cards for data recording or firmware update
  • Access control

Large widescreen display for a quick overview of all relevant measurement data. Self-explanatory user interface with intuitive icons and multicolor display.

Freely combinable process variables pH, ORP, conductivity, and oxygen, also in 2-channel mode. Analog sensors can of course continue to be used for all parameters.

Use in Hazardous Locations
Stratos Multi E401X is also ideal for installation and operation in hazardous locations up to Zone 2. Equipped with intrinsically safe sensor inputs, the sensors can be installed in Zone 0/1.





Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt - Stratos Multi

Catalog Excerpt (en)

14711 |  Stratos Multi
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 5.17 MB)


Brochure - Stratos Multi

Brochure (en)

14736 |  Stratos Multi | Advanced Process Control
PDF (file size: 2.54 MB)


Manual - Stratos Multi

Manual (en)

16667 |  Stratos Multi E401X
PDF (file size: 7.67 MB)
Installation Instructions - Stratos Multi

Installation Instructions (en)

16673 |  Stratos Multi E401X
PDF (file size: 0.45 MB)
Safety Guide - Stratos Multi

Safety Guide (en)

16679 |  Stratos Multi E4*1X
PDF (file size: 0.12 MB)

Control Drawings

Control Drawing - Stratos Multi

Control Drawing (en)

16686 |  4 Wire Transmitter Stratos Multi Type E401X
Zeichnungsnummer 212.502-100
PDF (file size: 1.46 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EC-Type-Examination Certificate - Stratos Multi

EC-Type-Examination Certificate (en)

16710 |  Stratos Pro Types A201X…, A211X…, A221X…, A231X… | Stratos Multi Type E401X
Document No. KEMA 08ATEX0100 | 2021-05-26
Issue No. 8
PDF (file size: 4.58 MB)
IECEx Certificate of Conformity - Stratos Multi

IECEx Certificate of Conformity (en)

16704 |  Stratos Pro Typex A201X…, A211X…, A201B…, A221X…, A 231X | Stratos Multi Type E401X
Document No. IECEX KEM 08.0020 | 2021-05-26
Issue No. 7
PDF (file size: 0.36 MB)
EU Declaration of Conformity - Stratos Multi

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14713 |  Stratos Multi E401N
Document No. EU200109A | 2020-01-09
PDF (file size: 0.12 MB)


Software - Stratos Multi

Software (en)

16534 |  Stratos-E401 | ChangeLog
PDF (file size: 0.13 MB)
Software - Stratos Multi

Software (en)

16402 |  EDD (AMS) for Stratos Multi E401
Device Revision 01
ZIP (file size: 0.4 MB)
Manual - Stratos Multi

Manual (en)

16414 |  Stratos Multi E401
Transmitter Specific HART Command Specification
Device Revision 01
PDF (file size: 0.63 MB)