Compact transmitters for all Memosens sensors


MemoRail A 1401 is the first genuinely compact, digital analyzer for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature with Memosens and digital sensors.

Facts and Features

  • Space-saving modular housing, 12.5 mm wide
  • Multiparameters: measurement of pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature
  • Memosens communication
  • 2 current outputs: 4 to 20 mA, active or passive
  • 24 V DC power supply (via plug-in terminals or DIN rail bus connector) or 90 to 230 V AC/DC VariPower broad-range power supply
  • Simple configuration via DIP switches

Two analog active / passive 4 … 20 mA outputs supply the measured values for the process variable and temperature to the process control system or a PLC.

Plug & Measure
Pre-calibrated Memosens sensors reduce operating costs and maximize the availability of the measuring point.

Optimum availability of the measuring point is achieved by using pre-calibrated sensors with contactless Memosens technology. Calibration is no longer carried out on site but under reproducible conditions in the lab using the new MemoSuite software tool. Individual sensor data are always directly assigned to each Memosens sensor. Problems at the connector involving humidity, corrosion or even defective galvanic isolation are a thing of the past.

The highly space-saving modular housing of the MemoRail devices is only 12.5 mm wide.

With its simple configuration via DIP switches, MemoRail is set up only once for the measurement parameters and ranges. A range of variants is available to perfectly suit your application.
The equipment speaks for itself:

  • Up to 2 analog current outputs, either active or passive
  • Power supply either 24 V DC (via plug-in terminals or DIN rail bus connector) or 90 to 230 V AC/DC with VariPower broad-range power supply
  • Red and green LEDs report the operating and sensor states.

The outstanding properties of MemoRail enable the implementation of measuring stations with low overall costs, especially in combination with modern Memosens sensors specially tailored for use with MemoRail.

Universal Use
MemoRail A1401 is an attractively priced solution in process analytics and optimally suited for use in numerous industry segments, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, or energy.
With its narrow modular housing, MemoRail A1401 is perfectly suited to installation in restricted spaces – e.g, in control cabinets, fermenters or in process plants.

MemoSuite – The Software Tool

Fast and User-Friendly
The MemoSuite software allows calibrating Memosens sensors under reproducible conditions in the lab. MemoLink connects the sensors to the PC. On-site calibration under adverse ambient conditions is no longer necessary. The only thing required there is the quick and uncomplicated replacement of the used sensors with pre-calibrated sensors.

Two Versions
MemoSuite Basic and MemoSuite Advanced meet different application-specific requirements:

MemoSuite Basic
calibrates Memosens sensors.

MemoSuite Advanced
not only performs a calibration, but also provides diagnostics and database documentation of the sensors. The database meets the requirements of GMP and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.





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