IsoTrans 41

Loop-Powered Isolator for Standard Signals

For isolation of 0(4) … 20 mA standard signals, up to 3 channels

Facts and Features

  • No power supply No mains influences
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Broad range of applications Current transmission from 2 µA to 50 mA
  • Maximum reliability No unnecessary heating and therefore maximum service life of components
  • Marginal loading of measured signal Voltage drop of only 1.2 V
  • Low signal delay
  • Space-saving thanks to multi-channel versions Modular housing with up to three channels
  • Quality ensured by computer-controlled testing
  • 5-year warranty 

The Knick IsoTrans 41 with transformer-based isolation offer properties which no other loop-powered DC isolator can even come close to. Suitable for galvanic isolation of 0/4 to 20 mA signals. Thanks to the 0.2 % fault class and an internal voltage requirement of just 1.2 V, this isolator can be used for a broad range of applications. The A2 modular housing with a width of 22.5 mm for max. 3 isolators offers optimum space usage in multichannel mode. The full encapsulation guarantees maximum reliability even in extreme conditions.    




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