Ultra compact transmitter for Memosens sensors. Quick installation and simple operation.

MemoTrans, the first 2-wire multiparameter transmitter in a compact housing with direct connection to Memosens sensors.

Facts and Features

  • Operation via HART FDI package
  • Compact housing with IP 67/68, NEMA 6
  • Multiparameter
  • Green/red LEDs for status display

One device for all Memosens sensors and parameters:

  • pH
  • ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Oxygen

Compact Housing
The slim, compact housing combines functionality and robustness. The space-saving MemoTrans can be used everywhere and with all Knick fittings. Robust and with a high degree of protection (IP 67/68, NEMA 6), MemoTrans is also optimally suited to complex applications.

Configuration, calibration and diagnostics can be carried out via HART FDI package. This enables direct integration in all standard control systems. Also bus operation (multi-drop mode) is implemented. Operation on site is possible with a HART handheld terminal.

Robust and Dependable
The compact housing means MemoTrans can be used flexibly. MemoTrans is the right transmitter for places where a display is no longer required. Space-saving, compact and with direct sensor connection for Memosens sensors. The inductive connection of Memosens sensors is resistant to

  • Moisture
  • Dirt
  • Corrosion
  • Salt bridges
  • Interference potentials

MemoTrans is so small and compact that it fits in almost all process fittings.

Condition at a Glance
Integrated green/red LED displays the alarm and fault conditions of the compact transmitter and Memosens sensor. This means personnel can quickly remedy faults on site and return measuring points to operation without long interruptions.

Excellent On-Site Protection
A high degree of protection – IP 67/68, NEMA 6 – ensures unlimited use of the compact transmitter – even outdoors.




Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt - MemoTrans

Catalog Excerpt (en)

14217 |  MemoTrans
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 1.56 MB)


Manual - MemoTrans

Manual (en)

14228 |  MemoTrans MT201N
Multiparameter Compact Transmitters
PDF (file size: 1.51 MB)
Installation Instructions - MemoTrans

Installation Instructions (en)

14223 |  MemoTrans MT201N
Compact Transmitters
PDF (file size: 1 MB)
Installation Instructions - MemoTrans

Installation Instructions (en)

16868 |  MemoTrans MT201N
Multiparameter Compact Transmitters
PDF (file size: 4.82 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity - MemoTrans

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14242 |  MemoTrans MT201N*
Document No. EU210607B | 2021-07-06
PDF (file size: 1.69 MB)
Certificate of Compliance (CSA) - MemoTrans

Certificate of Compliance (CSA) (en)

14252 |  MemoTrans MT201N
Certificate No. 70188887 | 2018-07-09
PDF (file size: 0.04 MB)
HART Device Registration - MemoTrans

HART Device Registration (en)

16874 |  MemoTrans MT201N
PDF (file size: 0.08 MB)


Software - MemoTrans

Software (en)

16880 |  EDD (AMS) for MemoTrans MT201
Device Revision 03
ZIP (file size: 0.46 MB)
Software - MemoTrans

Software (en)

16886 |  FDI for MemoTrans MT201
Device Revision 03
ZIP (file size: 4.92 MB)
Manual - MemoTrans

Manual (en)

16892 |  MemoTrans MT201
HART Field Device Specification
Device Revision 03
PDF (file size: 0.44 MB)