Warning high voltage sign on switchboard of high voltage electrical control room

Electrical Measurement Solutions: Control from 480 to 4800 Volts

Voltage and current transducers from Knick bring true control to electrical measurement applications across a wide-range of industries. With a number of solutions engineered for measurement and safe isolation of DC voltages upwards of 4800 V, and other transducers that offer precise conversion of AC voltage inputs to standard DC outputs, Knick truly is a problem solver from 480 to 4800 volts.

train on track

Measuring technology for smooth rail operation

The reliable detection of short circuits and the proper handling of signal transmissions is not only important for smooth rail operations, but also for the safety of employees and passengers. Precision and reliability with voltage and current measurement, in addition to sound signal separation and conversion, are critical in ensuring this safety on both rail vehicles and in substations.

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MTBF beyond 3000 years: A snap hook for your plant

Failure of equipment on the plant floor can lead to considerable and costly disruption. For operators of power generation facilities, transport systems, chemical, pharmaceutical and other production plants, a continuous and reliable operation is of the utmost importance. Failures of components can put a halt to important processes, costing both money and time. Devices which rarely fail are critical to maximizing a plant’s uptime.