Knick transmitter superimposed on a photovoltaic panel on a brown field with blue sunny sky in the background

Measuring Photovoltaic Degradation

Photovoltaic (PV) array degradation is an important aspect to consider for system design and installation. Over time, factors such as weather and UV exposure contribute to solar cell performance decline. By better understanding degradation effects and contributors, safeguards and technology enhancements can potentially be considered for performance improvements.

The ProLine P50000 series of high-voltage and current transducers from Knick

High-voltage transducer offers more safety on railway vehicles

The requirements placed on railway vehicles have increased significantly in recent years. Products for rolling stock need to ensure a higher level of functional safety than ever before to make the travel experience more comfortable, safer and reliable for the end user – the railway customers. New technologies must be developed to meet future application requirements as well. Based on these points, Knick decided to fundamentally redesign one of its core product groups.

The Decisive Plus in Terms of Safety

To monitor the temperature of high-voltage motors, insulated temperature sensors are installed between the windings of each motor phase. Often, these motors are operated for decades. Transient overvoltages from the power supply, voltage surges caused by reflection, or continuous mechanical and thermal loads can damage the insulation. In that case, the high motor voltage will be transmitted via the sensor line.