Two smiling Knick interface employees, a man in a checked shirt and a young woman in a blue blouse sitting at a table with electrical measuring devices and product brochures in front of them. they are sitting a bright office with a large window showing a skyline and a large palm tree outside

Knick subsidiary celebrates one year anniversary

“Our company is relatively new to the North American market. We opened our doors for business last April. Knick Interface was founded to bring Knick’s electrical interface technologies to the Northern American market; especially for customers that would see value with measurement or isolation of high voltages or have application needs for accurate conversions of non-standard output signals.”

Knick Products Comply With UL – What Does That Mean?

It is pretty universally agreed upon that electro-technical products, used in critical or dangerous applications, pose no danger, themselves. There are, however, different assessments and approaches to reach an adequate level of safety. Users and manufacturers of such products are typically on the “safe” side, if they comply with recognized standards.