WG 25

Fontes Alimentadas por Loop

The passive WG 25 repeater power supply is loop-powered. It is used for galvanic hazardous-area separation of a 2-wire supply line and transmits both 4 … 20 mA and HART® signals in both directions. With a voltage drop of just 4.2 V, the WG 25 uses the supply optimally so that all common 2-wire transmitters can be connected.

Compared with active repeater power supplies, it has considerable price and reliability advantages. Multi-channel systems require only one central, safe-area power supply that does not even need protective separation.


  • Low-cost due to omission of the integrated power supply
  • No mains power required costs savings doe to lower wiring effort
  • No mains interference
  • Low power loss no unnecessary heating in the enclosure
  • Protective separation according to EN 61140: protection of the maintenance staff
    and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages
  • HART® transmission: bi-directional point-to-point transmission of digital data
    according to the HART® specification
  • EMC tested RFI suppressed and surge proof: reliable operation even
    with electromagnetic interference
  • Maximum reliability: no maintenance work so the associated costs are not incurred

5 year warranty

HART® is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation





Product Catalog (pt-br)

13154 |  Tecnologia de Interface | ProLine
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4395 |  WG 25
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EU Declaration of Confirmity (pt-br)

13690 |  WG 25 A7, Opt. ... & IsoTrans 37 A7, Opt. ...
Document No. EU180611A | 2018-06-11
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EC-Type-Examination Certificate (pt-br)

11573 |  IsoTrans 37 A7, WG 25 A7
PTB 02 ATEX 2063 | 2018-04-24
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TR Declaration EAC (pt-br)

12729 |  ProLine Devices
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