Ferramenta de Gerenciamento do Sensor

Sensor Management Tool for quick and easy calibration of Memosens sensors in the lab.

Simple pre-calibration of the sensors
The MemoSuite software allows quick and easy calibration of Memosens sensors in the laboratory – also of sensors for hazardous-area applications. Calibration under adverse ambient conditions on site is no longer necessary. The only thing required there is the quick and uncomplicated replacement of the used sensors with pre-calibrated sensors.

The two versions
MemoSuite Basic and MemoSuite Advanced meet different application-specific requirements:

MemoSuite Basic
calibrates Memosens sensors.

MemoSuite Advanced
calibrates and in addition performs a diagnosis and a database documentation of the sensors.
Up to 10 Memosens sensors can be calibrated simultaneously. The database meets the requirements of GMP and FDA CFR 21 Part 11.




Manual do Usuário (pt-br)

12789 |  MemoSuite Basic | Software for Memosens Sensors
PDF (file size: 1.5 MB)

Manual do Usuário (pt-br)

12794 |  MemoSuite Avançada | Software para Sensores Memosens
PDF (file size: 3.97 MB)

Manual do Usuário (pt-br)

12799 |  MemoLink ML1400 | Manual & Certificates
PDF (file size: 8.73 MB)

Certificados / Aprovações

EU Declaration of Confirmity (pt-br)

14198 |  MemoLink ML1400
Document No. EU180627A | 2018-06-27
PDF (file size: 1.18 MB)

EU-Type-Examination Certificate (pt-br)

14203 |  Memosens Interface Type MemoLink ML1400
DEKRA Dokument-Nr. BVS 11 ATEX E 129 X | 2018-06-18
PDF (file size: 12.04 MB)