WG 21

Repeater Power Supply

The WG 21 repeater power supply is used to supply intrinsically safe 2-wire transmitters. It supplies the transmitter with power and transmits the measurement signal to the output galvanically isolated and with high accuracy. In addition to the analog signal, the WG 21 also optionally transmits data protocols for SMART transmitters (HART). It allows for bidirectional communication between the field device from every point of the wiring.

The high supply voltage, the good hazardous-area ratings and the broad-range power supply allow for universal use. Cables up to 1400 m in length can be used without any problems. Thanks to a new transformer-based transmission technique, the WG 21 achieves an extraordinarily high transmission accuracy for hazardous-area applications. The encapsulation provides maximum operating safety, long-term stability, and disruptive strength even under extreme ambient conditions.


  • SMART transmission (optional): bi-directional point-to-point transmission of digital data according to the HART® specification
  • High supply voltage and good hazardous area specifications: universal use
  • Broad-range power supply: just 2 versions for all mains voltages
  • Protective separation according to EN 61140
  • Protection of maintenance staff and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages
  • 3-port isolation: protection against incorrect measurements or damage to the equipment due to parasitic voltages
  • High transmission accuracy: exact transmission of measured values
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX trouble-free use in hazardous areas
  • Modular housing 22.5 mm: straightforward installation due to compact design

5 year warranty

HART® is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation




Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt - WG 21

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15085 |  WG 21
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Manual - WG 21

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15084 |  WG 21
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Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity - WG 21

EU Declaration of Conformity (ko)

15124 |  WG 21 A7, Opt. ...
Document No. EU171020B | 2017-10-20
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EC-Type-Examination Certificate - WG 21

EC-Type-Examination Certificate (ko)

15183 |  WG 21
PTB 01 ATEX 2059; 2001/07/19
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