Modular Concept

for maximum flexibility


Protos II 4400 offers space for a total of three different, freely combinable measuring and communication modules. Later retrofits and modifications are no problem.

Plug & Play
The modules are simply plugged into slots in any sequence and are automatically detected. This enables easy retrofitting and conversion — always adapted to the special requirements of the measuring point.

A wide range of different measuring, controlling and communication modules with various functions are available:

Multiparameter measuring module for Memosens sensors, 1-, 2-, or 4-channel as required. For all parameters; expandable for new sensors.

pH and ORP Measurement
Modules for operation with analog or digital sensors as required: for simultaneous measurement of pH value, ORP and temperature. Available in designs for glass, ISFET, and double high-resistance differential sensors (pNa).

Conductivity Measurement
Modules for conductivity measurement with 2-/4-electrode or toroidal sensors; designs for analog and digital sensors. Simultaneous measurement of electrical conductivity, resistivity, concentration, salinity and temperature.

Oxygen Measurement
Modules for measuring oxygen using the amperometric and optical measurement principles. Design for analog and digital sensors. Simultaneous measurement of oxygen partial pressure, saturation and concentration. For standard applications and trace measurements in both aqueous media and gases.

Communication Modules 
Ethernet and Fieldbus modules for digital communication and seamless integration into automation systems.

Output Modules
For expanding the outputs available as standard by adding passive 4–20 mA outputs and relay outputs.

PID Controller Modules
For actuating control valves, straight-way valves or metering pumps. With 2 free limit contacts for 3-point control of secondary control processes, for example