Measuring Modules, Oxygen

for Memosens, analog or digital sensors


Modules for measuring oxygen using the amperometric and optical measurement principles. Design for Memosens, analog and digital sensors.

Simultaneous measurement of oxygen partial pressure, saturation and concentration. For standard applications and trace measurements in both aqueous media and gases.

Overview of Oxygen Measuring Modules

MS 4400(X)-160
Module measurement of oxygen with amperometric Memosens sensors

OXY 3400(X)-067
Module for measurement of oxygen using analog amperometric sensors and digital ISM sensors.

LDO 4400(X)-170
Module for measurement of oxygen using the optical sensor SE 740





Add-On Functions (en)

1188 |  for the Protos 3400(X) modular measuring system
Software version A.x
PDF (file size: 1.32 MB)

Installation Instructions (en)

14572 |  Measuring Module Protos OXY 3400(X)-067
for Protos II 4400(X) / Protos 3400 (X)
PDF (file size: 1.79 MB)

Manual (en)

1077 |  Protos OXY 3400-067, Measuring Module
Software version 3.x
PDF (file size: 4.59 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14666 |  Protos 3400 */*** & Protos II Type 4400*/***
Document-No. EU200916B | 2020-09-16
all modules except front
PDF (file size: 0.2 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14656 |  Protos Type 3400X*/***&Protos II Type 4400X*/***
Document-No. EU200916A | 2020-09-16
all modules except front
PDF (file size: 0.21 MB)

Certificate of Conformity (China - Ex NEPSI) (en)

12582 |  Protos 3400 X */***, Protos II 4400 X */***
Cert No. GYJ20.1054 | 2020-08-20
PDF (file size: 2.19 MB)

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