Digital Intelligence

Protos II 4400

Reliable Writing and Reading with USB Memory Cards

Data Card
For recording measured values, reading out and further processing recorded measurement data on a computer and saving the configuration data of the device.

Firmware Update Card
Easy on-site update of device firmware in the case of function expansion.

Firmware Repair Card
Easy on-site update of device firmware for troubleshooting in warranty cases.

Audit Trail Card
For seamless data recording in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. With the electronic signature function, all changes on the device are recorded and saved on the card.

Sensor Control and Sensor Assignment

As soon as a sensor is connected, the sensor data is checked against the configuration data. This includes the sensor type and the information saved in the sensor, such as the TAG ID and group designation. Different user levels enable areas of competency to be assigned reliably; passcodes ensure access control.





Installation Instructions (en)

14630 |  ZU1080-P-* | Memory Cards for Protos II 4400(X)
PDF (file size: 0.48 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14676 |  Protos II Type 4400*/*** | Memory Card ZU 1080
Document-No. EU190517A | 2019-05-17
PDF (file size: 0.12 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

14681 |  Protos II Type 4400X*/*** | Memory Card ZU 1080
Document-No. EU190524A | 2019-05-24
PDF (file size: 0.13 MB)

Certificate of Conformity (China - Ex NEPSI) (en)

12582 |  Protos 3400 X */***, Protos II 4400 X */***
Cert No. GYJ20.1054 | 2020-08-20
PDF (file size: 2.19 MB)

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