Progalog Configuration Tool

PC software for offline configuration and documentation of Protos.

ProgaLog 3000 supports comprehensive parameter setting even for multi-channel Protos systems and fully automated measuring systems, including programming of the probe control system Unical 9000 / Uniclean 900. This includes complete program flows for a fully automated pH measuring system,with cleaning program and automatic calibration and control of the sensor lock-gate.

With its comprehensive set of capabilities, the ProgaLog configuration tool is clear and simple.

Overview of Software

SW 3000
Configuration and documentation software




Manual - Progalog Configuration Tool

Manual (en)

14151 |  PROTOS 3400(X) Software Versions
PDF (file size: 1.9 MB)


Software - Progalog Configuration Tool

Software (en)

12586 |  Demo Version of Communication Software ProgaLog 3000 for free download | for Protos 3400
Software version 5.3.0
EXE (file size: 3.61 MB)