Portavo 907 Multi

Multi-parameter portable device for Memosens pH, conductivity and oxygen sensors.

The first portables with Memosens technology for measuring pH, conductivity and oxygen. Also for hazardous areas.

One device allows connecting Memosens pH, conductivity or oxygen sensors (also optical oxygen!).

The Portavo 907 Multi features an intuitive user interface with a plain text menu in 6 selectable languages. The high-resolution transflective color graphic display is suitable for use in sunlight and with its scratch-proof mineral glass can still be read perfectly after many years.

Data logger entries can be shown on the display using an extensive recorder function. The standard micro USB interface enables

  • connection to a PC
  • software updates
  • charging the Li-ion battery

The data logger records up to 10,000 values. The included Paraly SW 112 software enables easy management of recorded values.

Many new features distinguish the Portavo 907 Multi for use in the pharmaceutical and biotech field. These include

  • a new pH calibration procedure with a fixed process cycle
  • multi-level user management with access control
  • direct assignment of Memosens sensors to the device, which increases safety in operation.

See Add-On Functions for more information. These new functions are available as options.




Catalog Excerpts

Catalog Excerpt (en)

1950 |  Portavo 907 Multi Oxy
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 5.03 MB)

Catalog Excerpt (en)

1951 |  Portavo 907 Multi pH
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 4.69 MB)

Catalog Excerpt (en)

1952 |  Portavo 907 Multi Cond
Product Description | Specifications | Product Range
PDF (file size: 4.91 MB)


Brochure (en)

13210 |  Memosens - The complete solution for smart sensor applications.
PDF (file size: 4.3 MB)

Brochure (en)

16193 |  Portavo
PDF (file size: 5.3 MB)


Manual (en)

1962 |  Portavo 907 Multi
PDF (file size: 3.05 MB)

Quickstart Guide (en)

14443 |  Portavo 907 Multi
PDF (file size: 4.71 MB)

Safety Guide (en)

13863 |  Portavo 900 Series
PDF (file size: 4.07 MB)

Certificates / Approvals

EU Declaration of Conformity (en)

11535 |  Serie / Series / Série Portavo 900
Document No. EU200429A | 2020-04-29
PDF (file size: 0.14 MB)

Certificate / Approval (en)

16329 |  UN 38.3 Test Report ZU0925 Li-Ion Akkumulator
PDF (file size: 0.16 MB)


Software (en)

12704 |  Paraly SW 112
Software version 1.9.1
ZIP (file size: 21.49 MB)

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