ProLine P 52000 VPD

Voltage Presence Detector

Railway and Industrial Application Solution for Monitoring Voltages from 50 – 4200 V AC/DC

Standard/Directive | Industry Standards

EN 50155, RIA12/1984
Broad-range power supply 24 … 230 V DC/AC, stable during brownouts – Class S2

EN 45545-2a)
Fire protection (HL 3)

EN 50155
Use on rolling stock

EN 50155, EN 50125-1, EN EN 50125-2
Temperature class TX (-40 … +85 °C) and altitude class AX (2000 m or 4000 m AMSL)

EN 50123-1
Use in traction power substations

EN 61709

EN 61140
Protection against electric shock

EN 61373
Resistant to vibration and mechanical shock (railway applications)

EN 50121-1, EN 50121-3-2; EN 61326-1
EMC for railway applications and industrial applications

EN 50153
Protective measures against electrical hazards (contact protection through protective covers; housing IP protection: IP54 high-voltage side, IP33 low-voltage side)

EN 50124-1, EN 50123-1, EN 50178
Isolation coordination for railway and industry


ProLine P 52000 VPD detects the presence of voltage. The input signal is compared to a threshold value and the resulting binary information is galvanically isolated and transmitted to the output circuit. When the input voltage exceeds the set threshold value, a solid state relay opens, signaling the presence of voltage at the input.

The signal of the solid state relay can control a hardware relay, for example, or be fed into a safety device or controller. The signal levels are based on type 1, EN 61131-2 PLC signal inputs.

The threshold value applies regardless of the sign of the input voltage’s absolute value. In other words, the solid state relay will be triggered as soon as the positive threshold value is exceeded or the input voltage is below the negative threshold.

10 default threshold values can be selected using the rotary switch on the front of the device. Units with user-defined values are also available.





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