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Knick Interface LLC
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Electrical Measurement Experts in North America

Voltage and current transducers from Knick bring true CONTROL to electrical measurement applications across a wide range of industries. With a number of solutions engineered for measurement and safe isolation of DC voltages upwards of 4800 V, and other transducers that offer precise conversion of AC voltage inputs to standard DC outputs, Knick truly is a problem solver from 480 to 4800 volts!

Other product solutions allow for a wide range of signal conversion and duplication possibilities across high isolation. As with Knick’s high voltage measurement products, no compromises are made with accuracy, safety, speed of response, and flexibility.

With Sales and Service operations in California and products shipping out of Ohio, Knick Interface strives to bring value to our diverse North American customer base. Application know-how, attention to detail, strong support, and legitimate caring for our customers’ success are our primary areas of focus.

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Knick Interface at Battery and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Knick will be showcasing high-voltage electrical measurement and signal conversion products.

Condition Monitoring of High-Voltage Motors

Having an active predictive maintenance campaign in place for large rotating equipment can be a key strategy for maximizing process uptime.

Electrical Measurement Solutions: Control from 480 to 4800 Volts

Voltage and current transducers from Knick bring true control to electrical measurement applications across a wide-range of industries.

Shunt Resistor versus Hall Effect Technology

There are many systems where measurement of large DC currents are needed for performance and safety.

Product Solutions

Current, voltage, and temperature measurement with high insulation; high-precision measurement for billing DC energy; detection of applied voltages
Active and passive signal conditioners for current and voltage measurement, standard signal conditioning, and supplying 2-wire sensors and repeater power supplies with average insulation.
Measurement of speed, temperature, strain, force, resistance, shunt voltages, and threshold value monitoring with low isolation.
Doublers, converters, and conditioners of speed sensor signals with high EMC, doublers and quadruplers of standard signals.

Product Overview

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P42000D2 - Control to 2200 Volts

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Industry Solutions

Electrical measurement in DC traction power substations and on rolling stock; conversion and duplication of speed sensor signals on-board rail vehicles.
Current and voltage measurement, as well as signal conversion in high-voltage environments in test benches for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
Thanks to their high isolation and reliability, the high-voltage transducers and signal conditioners from Knick have already proven themselves in many hydrogen applications.
Our range of high-voltage transducers offers proven solutions for safely testing and continuously monitoring battery systems on the cell, stack, and string levels.
When it comes to reliably measuring high direct voltages and currents under harsh conditions, the high-isolation transducers from Knick are the top choice.

Electrical Measurement Overview

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Electrical Measurement up to 4800 V

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Electrical Measurement for Battery Applications

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Energy Storage

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