Long-term stable transducers and signal conditioners
for demanding applications

Knick’s high-voltage transducers, signal conditioners, isolators, and transmitters are a product of over 75 years of experience in reliable galvanic isolation – bringing peace of mind to whatever you are looking to measure in a highvoltage environment.

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Why Knick?

Knick electrical measurement solutions are used worldwide in applications where accurate signal transmission and protection from high voltage are required. Knick provides products for up to 6.6 kV of continuous isolation, while delivering reliability, as evidenced by Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of up to 2165 years.

Fields of application: where our solutions bring value

To ensure maximum fail-safety and reliability, we consistently rely on robust circuit designs, highquality components and a conservative design of the components used. Due to their reliability, signal conditioners and transducers from Knick are found within power plants, energy storage facilities, rail substations, on board heavy vehicles, within electrical machinery, and in industrial manufacturing environments.

Battery Management System

Battery Cycler

During battery testing, charge and discharge processes, (the battery cycles), are continuously simulated on the battery in a HIL (hardware in the loop) configuration, corresponding to typical usage profiles during operation of the electric vehicle. A number of parameters are measured, including capacity, battery efficiency and self-discharge.

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Voltage and current measurement in DC substations

Substations for DC power supply, rated as high as the upper single-digit MW range, and the grid sections they supply must be effectively safeguarded against short circuits. The protection mechanism must reliably interrupt high levels of current as quickly as possible, limiting the power that flows into the short circuit.

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Energy storage, the connector between renewable energy and vehicle electrification

Energy Storage

Energy storage with batteries and hydrogen technology is the handshake between renewable energy and e-mobility and critical for growth and continuous development of both technologies.

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Emobility Pantograph Charger

DC Voltage Measurement for ­Interface between Vehicle and Charger

For battery-electric vehicles, high-speed charging by way of pantograph is possible. This involves contact between infrastructure equipment (with moving pantograph) and stationary charge-bars on the roof
of the vehicle. A DC switch box on roof of vehicle contains components that verify successful charge connection, and connects with other onboard systems.

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Emobility HIL Hardware in the Loop for Heaters, BMS and traction inverters

Power Hardware in Loop HIL

HIL testing allows for prototype designs of equipment like traction inverters to be evaluated in various battery, load and fault situations, without the need to perform the trials with the inverters installed in dynamometers or the vehicles themselves.

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