pH measurement in highly viscous or fibrous process media

When using conventional retractable fittings to measure pH values in applications such as in wastewater treatment, flue gas desulfurization plants, chlorine production and dye synthesis, usually the O-rings for process sealing cannot withstand the extreme chemical and mechanical loads involved over a longer period. But O-ring blockages can be avoided with the Ceramat retractable fitting thanks to its ceramic process gate.

portable measuring device portavo connected via cable to a sensor in a glass beaker with clear liquid. next to it a small black printer with a print-out coming out of the top

Portavo 908 Multi

Portavo 908 Multi is the first portable Memosens-based measuring device for the analysis of liquids with direct printer control. A printer for immediate printing of the calibration record (GLP compliant) can be directly connected to the micro USB port.