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Ready for the toughest requirements in the chemical industry

Knick is known for rugged and durable products able to withstand even harsh environmental and measurement conditions. Co-developed and introduced to the market by Knick, contactless Memosens technology contributes to this. This combination of durable products with digital Memosens technology is ideally suited to the requirements of the chemical industry.

Wide range of applications and demanding requirements

The chemical industry is characterized by an extremely high diversity of applications. Environmental conditions can be wet, highly corrosive, and toxic. Consequently, process safety combined with explosion protection and proven measurement technology have an important role to play. The measured values, e.g., for pH, often reach extreme levels (pH < 1, pH > 13) and this is associated with increased temperature and pressure. This places very high demands on the sensors. The range of corrosion-resistant special materials (Hastelloy, Titanium, PEEK, Teflon) is just as essential as fittings tailored specifically to the application.

Outside Europe, the measurement technology is often installed completely outdoors, requiring particularly rugged measuring technology with enclosures made of coated stainless steel or corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, UV-resistant polymers, for instance.

Is your measuring point subject to other conditions? No matter, our portfolio enables us to offer an optimal solution to almost any measuring task.

Basic Chemicals


Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Dyes & Pigments

Why Knick ?
Even if the measuring task has special requirements, Knick is happy to accept the challenge!
By combining suitable, individually configurable products, we can offer you the right solution for your measuring task, e.g., using manually operated retractable fittings or the cCare fully automatic cleaning and calibration system.
Knick begins where others stop.

Chemical Industry Brochure

Overview of specific applications and product solutions in various fields of industrial chemistry.

Related Applications

Azo dyes make up the largest group of synthetic dyes by number. They are used as food dyes, artists’ colors, basic colors for four-color printing (yellow and magenta), as well as textile dyes on a large scale.
La vapeur refroidie dans la partie inférieure se dépose sous la forme d’eau de condensation qui présente une grande pureté et donc une conductivité très faible. Sachant qu’une conductivité élevée est le signe d’impuretés, la mesure de la conductivité du condensat est une méthode...
Many measuring points in pulp production are positioned in environments where the presence of technical personnel must be restricted to a minimum. Due to the aggressive process media with high solids...
Complete and easy-to-use measurement solutions from a single source for the treatment of process and waste water.
Cooling towers are used in a range of industrial sectors for diverting process heat from cooling circuits. Mineral deposits and corrosion reduce efficiency and lead to the premature wear of system components…
Memosens - Couplage de sondes sans contact pour une analyse fiable des liquides dans tous les environnements

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Latest blog articles on Process Analytics

Uniclean 700 Series - Modular control system for automated sensor cleaning

With the Uniclean 700 series, Knick is introducing a modular control system, that can be installed very quickly and cost-effectively as a flexible entry-level solution for automated sensor cleaning.

Knick Austria - direct customer contact in Austria from 2024

Reorganization of sales in Austria and new contacts in the field of process analytics and interface technology

Robust WA111 Retractable Fitting Made of Plastic for Highly Corrosive Operating Conditions

The plastic WA111 retractable fitting is a robust and cost-effective solution for corrosive processes and environments. It is equipped with a secure lock function and multiple nozzles for thorough sensor cleaning.

Coopération réussie : Knick a développé un support rétractable spécial Ceramat WA 155 pour les sondes optiques de SOPAT.

Nettoyage automatique des sondes optiques dans les processus d'encrassement : Un projet commun de Knick et SOPAT pour une application client avec Ceramat.

pH and conductivity measurement in vaccine production

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer relies on Knick's transmitters for modular production plants for Covid-19 vaccines.

Sturdy 2-Electrodes Conductivity Sensor SE625 with Coaxial Electrodes made of Titanium

The SE625 ensures reliable and accurate determination of the conductivity of ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry.

Sensor Adapter with Lock Function Enables Safe and Thorough Cleaning

Sensor adapter with locking gate for safety and thorough cleaning of sensors in the immersion fitting ARD75 without the need

Up to six Sensors on one Transmitter Protos II 4400 via Modul MSU4400-180

Users can now connect up to six Memosens sensors simultaneously.

ACHEMA 2022 - Knick at the world forum for the process industry

In August 2022, the international process industry met at the ACHEMA. Knick presented the cCare system and industrial applications in a new concept.

Combined pH- and ORP-Sensor SE555X/*-AMSN

Combined pH and ORP measurement in one sensor SE555 saves place and equipment costs for demanding requirements in the chemical industry, the food sector and for hygienic applications.

MemoTrans MT201N: Transmetteur ultracompact pour sondes Memosens

Le transmetteur ultracompact MemoTrans MT201 s'enfiche directement sur la sonde Memosens dans le support et communique via le protocole HART 4-20 mA.

Nouveau transmetteur Stratos Multi E461N avec Profinet

L'interface Profinet du nouveau transmetteur multiparamètres Stratos Multi E461N permet une communication continue des paramètres de process et une maintenance prédictive, du niveau du terrain jusqu'aux systèmes de contrôle des process usuels.

Programmation hors ligne confortable des transmetteurs sur PC: ProgaLog 4000

Avec ProgaLog 4000, vous pouvez facilement paramétrer hors ligne tous les transmetteurs à configuration modulaire Stratos Multi et Protos II 4400, enregistrer les réglages, les dupliquer pour d'autres transmetteurs et les documenter pour des audits.

Memosens 2.0: Evolution of digital data transfer

As one of the two initiators of Memosens, Knick is constantly developing the technology.

SE655X numérique et SE656X numérique – Sondes de conductivité numériques avec certification Ex

SE655X numérique et SE656X numérique avec rapport Memosens sont disponibles avec une certification Ex. Elles sont particulièrement adaptées à l’industrie chimique, du papier et de la cellulose ainsi qu'à la surveillance des eaux usées industrielles.

ILMAC 2021 in Basel - Trade Show Review by Knick Schweiz AG

Knick Schweiz AG exhibited at ILMAC in Basel and gives a brief review of what it's like to have finally met customers at the show again.

Stratos Multi E401X- Transmetteur multiparamètres pour zones Ex

Le nouveau Stratos Multi peut désormais être utilisé dans les zones Ex.

Optimisation des process avec Stratos Multi E471 par EtherNet/IP

EtherNet/IP communication protocol allows the transmitter to be easily integrated into Industrial Ethernet networks as PCS.

Nouvelle sonde de conductivité numérique SE656N

New toroidal Digital Conductivity Sensor with a large measuring range and consisting of PFA for using in aggressive media

Transmetteur pour l'industrie de process avec le module PROFINET

Le standard Ethernet industriel PROFINET joue un rôle de plus en plus déterminant pour les techniques de process dans le contexte de l'industrie 4.0.

Canne d’immersion haute qualité pour applications mobiles

Avec l’ARD 170, Knick propose une canne d’immersion haute qualité pour mesures mobiles du pH, de la conductivité et de l’oxygène dissous. Les développeurs ont accordé une attention particulière à la simplicité et la flexibilité d’utilisation.

Canne d'immersion modulaire en version électriquement conductrice

Avec ses cannes d'immersion ARD 50 EL et ARD 75 EL, Knick complète de deux versions électriquement conductrices (EL) son portefeuille de cannes d’analyse de liquides. Les modulaires permettent l’utilisation de sondes spécifiques aux applications.

New multiparameter transmitter Stratos Multi

Knick is launching the the next generation in its Stratos analyzer product line.

How to get the sensor into the process

Sensors as the direct interface to the process must be exactly matched to the chemistry of the measured medium and to the prevailing pressure and temperature conditions.

Powerful compact analyzer boosts performance while reducing costs

It has long been common practice when taking pH/ORP, conductivity, and oxygen measurements that a fixed analyzer be mounted near the sensor. The analyzer serves several purposes.

High-Precision Conductivity Measurement at Extreme Temperature Differences

Pharmaceutical manufacturer, EVER Pharma Jena uses the extremely robust conductivity sensors SE605(H) and SE680 with Memosens technology from Knick.

The Big Three of the Process Industry: HART, FF, Profibus

Our Knick multi-parameter analyzers are now available with Profibus and FF interfaces. Even for hazardous areas.