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High Voltage Transducer for Voltage and Current Measurement in Railway Applications

ProLine P 50000

New voltage and current sensors for rail vehicles make it easier to measure electrical parameters by means of calibrated range selection and by equipping them with an integrated universal power supply unit.

The transducers meet all railway-specific standards and impress customers with their focus on safety and their particularly robust design. 

Nowadays, in a large number of cases, power electronics are used in electric or diesel-electric locomotives and multiple units (EMU/DEMU), e.g., in the drive systems for traction motors or in the recuperation of braking energy into the power supply network. The control and monitoring of these processes requires the measurement of high electrical voltages and currents at various locations. Furthermore, the corresponding voltage and current sensors are also used to identify error situations (with emergency shutdown), performance and energy measurement, or to monitor auxiliary converters and accumulator batteries.

Based on decades of experience in the field of industrial measurement technology and railway power supply, Knick developed the completely new high voltage transducer series ProLine P 50000 that is characterized by its special design for voltage and current measurement in main and auxiliary circuits of rolling stock. This targeted focus on rolling stock accurately meets the functional requirements for deployment in the following applications.


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