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Rolling Stock

Voltage and Current Measurement and Signal Isolation | Rolling Stock


Voltage and Current Measurement Rolling Stock

Energy Measurement in Accordance with EN 50463

Energy measurement systems for rolling stock must fulfill the EN 50463 standard. But without precise, reliable current and voltage measurement, recorded consumption data is half as useful.

ProLine P 50000 was systematically devel-oped according to EN 50463. In addition, it is immune to all regular interference. The result: consistently high data quality.

Current measurement with the new ProLine P 51000 transducer is based on a process that uses a shunt resistor. Even strong electro- magnetic fields cannot influence the mea-surement result. This yields highly precise current detection.

ProLine P 52000 voltage sensors feature a compact design. High-voltage contacts and connections are encapsulated. There is no danger of interaction with other components. When dimensioning, additional space between junction blocks is no longer needed: ProLine P 52000 functions with complete safety even in very small installation spaces.

Both the current and voltage sensors feed standard signals into the energy measurement system. Special solutions at the inputs of the evaluator unit are not necessary. This means no more dependency on sensor manufacturers.

And Knick sensors continuously monitor themselves. If an error occurs, a message is generated immediately.

Of course ProLine P 50000 meets the current standards for use on rolling stock – whether it’s shock and vibration, EMC, temperature range or fire protection. And galvanic 3-port isolation between input, output, and power supply is also a matter of course.

  • Energy measurement system

Flexibly measure high voltages and currents.

  • Traction inverters
  • Auxiliary power converters
  • Protection/short circuit detection

Components for use in rolling stock must meet the toughest requirements. ProLine P 50000 sensors are flexible high-voltage transducers in a rugged, compact design. They can be flexibly adapted to the measuring task at hand.

The ProLine P 50000 series is certified in accordance with railway industry standards. Their high availability in mobile applications is ensured by a particularly rugged electrical and me-chanical concept designed to deliver safety.

Based on decades of experience in the field of industrial measurement technology and traction power supply, the developers at Knick have specifically designed the new series for use on rail vehicles. This applies to electrical safety (isolation) and fire protection, as well as to EMC and extreme ambient conditions.

The circuit design and device construction of the ProLine P 50000 series series guarantee out-standing output quality. This is characterized by zero stability, linearity, long-term stability, pulse fidelity and immunity to interference. The 3-port isolation between input, output, and power supply prevents measurement errors due to galvanic connections between the output signal and the power supply.

Safe monitoring of high voltage

  • Voltage limiters
  • Circuit breaker actuation
  • Access protection
  • Track alive detection

Voltage monitoring 50 to 4200 V in railway substations and industrial plants as well as on railway vehicles.

ProLine P 52000 VPD is designed to detect voltages between 50 and 4200 V. The input signal is compared to a threshold value and the resulting binary information is galvani-cally isolated and transmitted to the output circuit. When the input voltage exceeds the set threshold value, a solid state relay opens, signaling the presence of voltage at the input.

The signal of the solid state relay can control a hardware relay, for example, or be fed into a safety device or controller. The signal levels are based on type 1, EN 61131-2 PLC signal inputs.

Ten default threshold values can be selected using the rotary switches on the front of the device. User-defined values are also provided.

Signal Isolation Rolling Stock

Many systems in and on rolling stock require information on the current speed at any given time. They include brake systems and drive technology, two systems that are key to functional safety. This is why the speed encoders available to the speed signal must function reliably and precisely.

If additional systems need to process speed information, additional speed encoders are usually mounted on the vehicle axles. But space is limited there. And installation and wiring are an investment in money and time.

With the new P 16000 product line, Knick provides an extremely simply solution. The signal of an existing speed encoder is decoupled and made available for other  applications. The process is non-interacting in accordance with safety level SIL2.  
The speed encoder signal is neither influenced nor interfered with on its way to the evaluator.

Of course our P 16000 sensors meet all of the current standards for use in rolling stock – whether it’s shock and vibration, EMC, temperature range or fire protection.

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