SE 101-AN

pH Sensor

pH Sensor with Polymer Body and Temperature Detector


  • Polymer electrolyte
  • Ceramic junction (2x)
  • Integrated temperature detector
  • Polymer body
  • pH glass with low impedance; also suitable for measurements at low temperatures

The SE 101-AN pH sensor features a highly robust polymer body, making it ideal for pH measurements in the fields of environmental analysis and water management. It has an integrated Pt1000 temperature detector.

Media containing suspended solids, water, wastewater, environmental analysis



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Extrait du catalogue - SE 101-AN

Extrait du catalogue (fr)

16224 |  SE 101-AN pH Sensor
Description du produit | Caractéristiques techniques | Gamme de produits
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Manuels utilisateurs

Manuel utilisateur - SE 101-AN

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16230 |  SE 101-AN pH Sensor
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Certificats / Homologations

Déclaration de Conformité UE - SE 101-AN

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14518 |  Analog Sensors, non Ex
Document No. EU210621A | 2021-06-21
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