High-voltage transducer

The Most Space-saving High-voltage Transducer for Rolling Stock

Facts and Features

  • For all DC- and AC-driven rolling stock, including diesel-electric vehicles
  • Measurement up to 4500 V DC and 3000 V AC
  • Test voltage: 20 kV AC
  • Suitable for applications with functional safety up to SIL 2 / SIL 3
  • Reinforced insulation: up to 3700 V AC/ 4800 V DC
  • Space-saving, especially with stacked mounting
  • Flexibly adaptable to available space: vertical or horizontal mounting with screw fastening, alternatively DIN rail mounting
  • Optional partition extends the clearance without additional space requirements and avoids “critical” mounting of the ring cable lugs
  • Robust thanks to full vacuum encapsulation
  • Certified for use on rolling stock according to EN 50155
  • 5-year warranty

The P45000-series transducers are designed for measuring high DC and AC voltages on heavy vehicles, especially rolling stock. Application examples include the monitoring and control of traction motors or the monitoring of DC link voltage in traction power converters or on-board power converters.

The voltage measurement input is highly isolated from output and auxiliary power. The current output is compatible with commercially available control inputs.

The housing offers flexible mounting options: upright or horizontal, screwed or snapped onto 35 mm DIN rails. The devices can even be mounted in a stack, allowing for very tight space requirements.

For the first time, applications with functional safety requirements can be properly carried out. The high-voltage transmitter is certified for use in SIL2 systems and, redundantly, SIL3. Thus, for example, the presence of dangerously high voltages can be reliably detected.




Extraits du catalogue

Extrait du catalogue - P45000

Extrait du catalogue (fr)

17005 |  P45000
Description du produit | Caractéristiques techniques | Gamme de produits
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Manuels utilisateurs

Manuel utilisateur - P45000

Manuel utilisateur (fr)

17035 |  P45000 Convertisseur haute tension
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Certificats / Homologations

Certificate / Approval - P45000

Certificate / Approval (fr)

17144 |  Tested according to: EN 50155
Railway Application
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