• Memosens Academy
    know • play • win
  • Maximum Performance in a Minimum of Space
    MemoRail with Modbus Interface
    Multiparameter measuring device in a 17.5 mm modular housing
  • ProLine | Interface Technology
    First-class high-precision products with protective separation
  • BasicLine | Interface Technology
    Optimized for standard applications
  • Process Analytics | Measurement by System
    From the sensor to the process analyzer
  • Portavo | Memosens Mobile
    Portables with Memosens technology

Stratos BUS


Certificates / Approvals

?????? (en)

11074 |  Fieldbus Foundation Device Registration
PDF (file size 0.61 MB)

?????? (en)

11100 |  Fieldbus Foundation Device Registration
PDF (file size 0.72 MB)

?????? (en)

11144 |  Zertifikat PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation No. Z00726
PDF (file size 1.35 MB)
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