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SensoGate WA 130 Retractable Fitting

Universal, pneumatically operated retractable fitting in a modular design for fully automatic operation.

Compact, dirt-proof fitting for very simple installation, providing particular ease of maintenance and high availability.

High Availability
The sensor lock-gate principle allows rinsing the O-rings during the stroke movement. Therefore, the integrated O-rings are notably less exposed to stress than in conventional fittings. Wear is reduced and durability is increased.

The point of separation between the stroke cylinder and the calibrating chamber is double sealed and ventilated. This prevents the entry of media from the calibration chamber into the drive, and also in reverse the entry of compressed air into the calibration chamber. SensoLock prevents the immersion in the process when the sensor has been removed.

Plug & Play Installation
The central multiplug contains tubings for rinsing, cleaning, and calibration media, including limit switches and check valves and enables a fast, safe, and space-saving connection.

Easy Maintenance
The particular ease of maintenance of the sensor lock-gate is achieved by a well thought-out design that allows performing virtually all maintenance on the site without the aid of a workshop. The drive and immersion tube can simply be separated by loosening a coupling nut, without complete dismantling. The immersion tube is divided by a bayonet coupling to allow replacing only the particularly stressed process-wetted part including the calibration chamber, which helps to reduce costs.

Modular Design
Thanks to its unique modular design, SensoGate provides all common process connections and enables easy replacement of the process-wetted parts by the customer. Various process-resistant materials (PVDF, PEEK, 1.4435, 1.4571, and Hastelloy) are available. You can also simply change from gel-electrolyte to liquid-electrolyte (pressurizable) sensors.

Effective Rinsing and Superior Immersion Depth
SensoGate enables a deeper immersion of the sensor compared to conventional designs. A further feature is the use of short (225 mm) standard sensors for all immersion depths. This removes the need for expensive and fragile glass electrodes in 425 mm lengths.




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