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ARF 215 Flow-Through Fitting

Highly variable flow-through fitting line made of plastic


  • modular system adaptable to virtually every process
    due to different
    • sensor adapters
    • materials
    • process connections
  • materials: PP-H or PVDF
  • measurement in main stream or bypass
  • cleaning system

Modular, versatile system design with different connection geometries and process connections. For measurements
in main stream or bypass. Materials: PP for standard applications and PVDF for chemically demanding applications.
Adapter for a broad variety of sensors for pH, ORP, temperature, contacting and noncontacting conductivity, as well
as dissolved oxygen. Protective cap with integrated electrolyte reservoir for refillable pH sensors with liquid filling. Simplified calibration for pH and conductivity due to special calibration beaker with correct consideration of fitting geometry and material. A large flow cross-section and integrated cleaning nozzles also make it suitable for polluted media.


PP-H: drinking water, industrial water, and cooling water
PVDF: increased chemical resistance; for corrosive process media with 6 bars and 100 °C.



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